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2023 League Champions are:

National Division: Pirates

American Division: Buffaloes

Buffaloes - 2022 American Division Champion

Buffaloes - 2022 American Division Champion

MTC Blues - 2022 National Division Champion

MTC Blues - 2022 National Division Champion

Championship Day 2022

Fourty-Seven degrees with heavy looking, grey clouds and off and on drizzle…perfect conditions for playing baseball.  Right?! NO!!!!  But, the brave players of the Buffaloes, Rangers, Blues and Spikes did play and had a fantastic time doing it.  Denver Christian was the site of two well played Championship baseball games on September 10, 2022.  The field is completely artificial turf and enhanced with new LED lighting, both of which were key in creating favorable field conditions.  The rain subsided and the competition went on like it was any normal summer day.

The Buffaloes finally won the American Division Championship with stellar pitching from Hal Friskey and an unrelenting offensive attack that eventually sank a very good Rangers team, 11-1.  The Rangers were a much improved team this year and look to be very competitive in 2023.

In the National Division Championship game, the MTC Blues showed why they were the “team to beat” during the regular season by overcoming a tenacious Spikes roster in a 9 inning affair, 9-2.  Both Jeff Martinez (Blues) and Bronco VanVors (Spikes) pitched complete games and, but for a few lapses in defense, the score would have been much closer.  There were some fantastic defensive plays and, in the end, the Blues pitching and offense were the difference.

Congratulations to the 2022 Colorado Over 50 League Champions!

New Player Application


If you are new to the league and wish to join a team, email your contact information to the league Commissioner.

Include the following:

Name, age, email, phone number, baseball experience, preferred defensive positions

We will get back to you asap. 


Updated: Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The All-Star Game is this Saturday, 9/23 at 11AM at Denver Christian

Frequently check your team's schedule.

Player On-Line Registration is now CLOSED

Players must register on-line before they are eligible to participate in any league games. 


Check your team page for game details.


2022 All-Star Co-MVPs,   Matt Marshall and Theresa MacGregor

2022 All-Star Co-MVPs, Matt Marshall and Theresa MacGregor

2022 All-Stars Blue Team

2022 All-Stars Blue Team

2022 All-Stars Red Team

2022 All-Stars Red Team

Umpire Needed for 2024

The league is looking for a qualified, professional and congenial person to umpire league games.  The league uses ArbiterSports to assign games from a small pool of umpires.  As a result, the league's umpires have the option to work a lot of games.

If you are interested, contact the league Commissioner at

Allegedly, this is one of our players!

League Player Photos

Shawn Bowles, a professional photographer, photographed some of players recently and has posted the photos on his site for viewing and sharing. His work is quite good so take a look.

COLORADO OVER 50 BASEBALL, INC (A not-for profit corporation)

We're one of the nation's largest independent baseball leagues for both "semi-experienced and experienced" players. We have both men and women players in our league.  Men must be at least 47 years of age at game time while women can play if they're at least 21 years age at game time.  We schedule nine inning games with a limited stealing rule and liberal substitution to ensure that all players get the maximum benefit and enjoyment while playing baseball in our league.

If you played baseball (not softball) “a long time ago” know that our league has many players just like you. If you played only softball, you can still have fun and be competitive in the games we play. It will take a little more practice to get you up to speed.

• Time Commitment: Minimum you can count on is 3 1/2 hours each week (Arrive early, and play 2:45-3:00 hours each game). Some teams schedule weekly practices, some don’t, so that is up to the team you are selected by. You can go to our website at and click on the link for field locations so you can also figure travel time.  Games are on Saturday or Sunday at 9, 12:15 and 3:30 PM.  Depending on your team, you may have an equal number of games on each day or one may be a majority. 

• MONEY: You should expect it to cost between $270-$295 for your league fees (15 game minimum) depending on your team’s roster size. You might also spend up to $100 on uniforms and $50-150 on “lumber”. Lots of help is available in these areas. Of course, you will need your own equipment (gloves, rubber/moulded plastic spikes, helmet etc) so be prepared to spend happy moments and $$ in your local or online sporting goods store.

Email: with questions!

Thanks for your interest in COLORADO OVER 50 BASEBALL!

Commissioner John Damsma

Commissioner John Damsma

Colorado Over 50 Baseball League

Phone: 303-726-1183

Colorado Over 50 Baseball Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities

Sponsored by Sponsor


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Highly skilled at helping aging ballplayers to "get back in the game" ! 

Rocky Mountain Chiropractic Radiological Center

Doctors Terry and Alicia Yochum are pleased to offer complimentary imaging services in the area of x-ray and diagnostic ultrasound to any and all players of the Colorado Over 50 Baseball League.  Any ballplayer or member of their immediate family who would wish to have imaging performed can contact us at 303-940-9400 for a complimentary appointment. Our radiology practice is Rocky Mountain Chiropractic Radiological Center and the address of our clinic is 7500 Wadsworth, Arvada, Colorado 80003.  Our office is directly across the street from the Indian Tree Golf Course.

If we can be of any help to any of the ballplayers in the league and/or immediate members of your family, please don’t hesitate to contact us.